About Troop 34

Troop 34 was chartered in October 1993 when a group of older scouts split off from a Frazier Park troop to develop a program focused on high adventure activities.

Troop 34 began meeting at Thompson Junior High School. Later, they moved to Actis Junior High School, and they were meeting at Reagan Elementary School before merging with Troop 484 in March, 2000.

The first Charter Representative for Troop 34 was Rick Smith. He also served as Troop Committee Chairman (1992-93), and Scoutmaster (1993-94).

Scoutmasters of Troop 34:

Robert Sotello 1992-1993
Rick Smith 1993-1994
Richard Mallard 1994-1995
David Matthews 1996-1997
Richard Mallard 1997-1998
Bob Akers 1998-May, 1999
George Cappello       June, 1999-March, 2000

The main fundraising activity for Troop 34 was a concession booth at the Kern County Fairgrounds where they sold a pancake breakfast, hot dogs, hamburgers and other snacks at an antique car trade show. This activity was held annually each April though 1999.

Eagle Scouts of Troop 34:

Michael Fergusen 10/92
Jason Bradshaw
(son of Richard & Vicki Mallard)      
Michael Smith 10/93
Brandon Lester 6/16/96
Michael Rimmer 11/97
Adam Pippinger 1/98
Joshua Mallard 1998
Bryan Kunzman 12/98


This history was compiled by
Troop 484 Historian Ian Brenner
with information provided by Richard Mallard.