Cheese Burger Pie

12"Dutch Oven (serves 6-8)
23briquettes (6 bottom/17 top)
cook for 30-40 minutes
2-1/2 lbshamburger
2onions (optional)
1green pepper (optional)
2packets of taco or burrito sauce (optional)
2 cupsgrated cheddar cheese
3/4 cupBisquick
1-3/4 cupsmilk
2 Tbspcooking oil
1 tspsalt
paper towls, knife, cutting board, and mixing bowl also needed

Grease oven with 1 Tbsp cooking oil, and place oven on top of 6 hot briquettes.

Brown hamburger in the hot oven. Place hamburger on a paper towl when done and pour grease out of the oven.

Chop up onions and green pepper and add them to the cooked hamburger.

In a separate bowl, mix Bisquick, eggs, and milk until smooth.

Grease oven with second 1 Tbsp of cooking oil, put hamburger on bottom, sprinkle cheese on top of hamburger, and pour Bisquick on top of everything. Do not mix ingredients together.

Put lid on oven, place 17 hot briquettes on top, and bake 30 to 40 minutes.

Hint: for variety mix 2 packets of taco or burrito sauce into hamburger before cooking.

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