Beef Stew

12"Dutch Oven (serves 8-12)
25briquettes (7 bottom/18 top)
cook for 1-1/2 to 2 hours
3 lbsbeef cut into small chunks
1 cuppancake mix or flour
1 canbuttermilk biscuits (10-12 oz refrigerated roll)
3 Tbspcooking oil
1 tspsalt
1/4 tsppepper
knife, cutting board, potato peeler, and foil also needed

On a piece of foil, mix 1/2 cup flour with salt and pepper. Rub chunks of beef in this mixture, a few pieces at a time.

Peel and cut up potatoes and carrots.

Grease inside of oven with cooking oil, and place oven on 7 hot briquettes.

Brown onions and beef chunks in open oven.

Add potatoes and carrots with enough water in the pot to just cover the beef.

Lay biscuits on top of the stew.

Place lid on oven, put 18 hot briquettes on top, and bake for 20 minutes, adding water if needed. If stew looks watery, add 2 tsps flour. Continue baking.

Check every 10 minutes, stirring stew to keep it from sticking. If stew starts to stick to bottom of pot, remove bottom briquettes. Stew is done, when biscuits are brown.

HINT: marinate beef at home ahead of time in salad dressing, wine sauce, etc. for a special treat.

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